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Hand-Painted Art

Buy creative decorative paintings for your home.

Modern Art

Our energetic, talented and professional artists ensure you always get the most delicately-done modern art for decor. We work with oil, acrylic, metal, mixed and any medium you can think of or specify. ArtVIP is highly flexible. You can submit a digital file, ask for adjustment based on one or several existing artworks, require any size, or demand the way to mount the artwork.

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Photo to Hand-Painted Art

With our professional artists, you can have your favorite photo or moment painted, with oil on canvas, pencil and watercolor on paper or any medium you love. Most of our customers love a pet or family portrait, which can be a unique gift or heirloom.

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Famous Art Reproduction

Instead of posters and prints, you can have a hand-painted masterpiece re-created by our professional artists, with artist-grade oil and canvas plus a museum quality frame from our selection. The all-time popular artworks are those of Van Gogh, Monet and Klimt. But it's up to you to commission any artwork with us, in any size.

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Traditional Art

Traditional hand-painted artworks are great ornaments that add to the luxury of homes and places. We often involve distressing techniques for antiqued appearance of the finished art, like cracked canvas or sanded frames.

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antique folding screen customization

Folding Screen / Standing Room Divider

Folding screens are highly functional and decorative furniture. With our artists, you can customize your own screen with your favorite art hand-painted on one or more panels, on both sides. It's up to you to customize a modern one or an antique one.

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