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About ArtVIP

The New Way to artworks.business.projects.presents.

Instead of simply selling art, ArtVIP makes art, and we take each customer as VIP. We operate globally. A leading custom art supplier, we offer top quality hand-painted art and framing service to worldwide companies and individual customers.

Why ArtVIP?

Unlike artworks that are mass produced, each piece of art from ArtVIP is customized and unique.

What do you offer?

We offer hand-painted art and framed art.

For hand-painted art, you may choose a masterpiece, one of Van Gogh, Monet or Klimt, for instance, and our professional artists will paint it, brush by brush. You may submit a photo to have it painted in mediums like oil, watercolor or pencil drawing. You may submit anything, even if it's a painting not found on our website.

Besides hand-painted art, ArtVIP also offers framing service. You may have anything framed, to have it framed anyway you love, from hundreds of frame styles, with mat boards or not, even to the detailed options of glass and backboard. We also offer premium quality canvas and giclee printing service. With ArtVIP, all possibilities are up to you.

Can I do business with you?

Sure. Why not? We work with the best factories here and we run our own studios, and we have our own designers, artists and framing shops. An order like 1,000 pieces with special requirements? Contact us today and you will be surprised by what we can do.

Low Price, Top Quality

Unlike other sellers, we work with studio artists instead of art factories. Quality comes first in our mind.

We are strict about the materials we use. They have to be eco-friendly and for art they have to remain unfading and vibrant for many years on the wall. The frames are the best that can be found on market and the mat boards are acid-free.

Artists & Designers

We work with the best designers and artists, who combined are able to work out exclusive competitive artworks for you.

We are flexible. There's no MOQ (minimal order quantity). You may order one, a few, or a container. For large orders, feel free to contact us for partnership.


With no mistakes we know what our customers want exactly. We are the best choice if you hope to realize your ideas.

Where are you located?

Our headquarters is located in Hong Kong.